MS Windows Server 2019 Datacenter - 24 Cores - Online Activation Key

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Multilanguage.

License for servers with up to 24 cores.

✔️Valid license to pass Audits.

✔️FPP license: you can activate it on a single Server but it can be transferred to another computer.

✔️Lifetime license, never expires, nor is it deactivated.

✔️We send a purchase invoice with itemized VAT.

✔️The invoice includes the activation key.

✔️ Unlimited VMs (Virtual Machines) using Microsoft Hyper-V Server. If you use VMWare or Nutanix, you will need additional licenses.



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Windows Server Datacenter editions include unlimited virtual machines, but only if you use the Microsoft Hyper-V Server solution. If you use another host such as VMware or Nutanix, you need to purchase an additional license for each VM.

1. Purchase the key license.


2. Receive the key license and download link by email.


3. Download the software from the manufacturer’s website.


4. Activate the software with the key license.

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Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License - Get the most out of your server, designed for medium and large corporations.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License - 24 cores

The Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License, designed for 24 cores, is a comprehensive solution that meets all the needs of a high-performance server system with advanced requirements. This Datacenter edition allows organizations to run any number of Windows Server instances in an environment with large-scale server needs and high density, providing the flexibility and scalability necessary for the growth of your business.

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter comes loaded with robust features and enhanced functionalities that make it ideal for environments that demand a high level of virtualization, including containers and virtual machines.

With its 24-core license, it is ideal for organizations that require extensive processing capacity, providing efficient performance and better management of large and demanding workloads.

The Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2019 also introduces new advanced security features. With built-in defenses in the operating system, you can protect your data at rest and in motion. It includes features such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which offers real-time intrusion prevention and threat protection, and Shielded Virtual Machines, which protect your virtual machines from threats in both the virtual and physical environments.

Furthermore, Windows Server 2019 Datacenter offers the latest in application innovation, allowing you to run existing applications alongside the newest ones, including those based on containers and microservices. You can also make use of services like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery at no additional cost, enabling seamless integration with the cloud.

In summary, the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License for 24 cores is a strategic investment that ensures the performance, security, and scalability of your server infrastructure. Whether you are migrating to a more virtualized environment, seeking to strengthen your security defenses, or looking to adopt the latest application innovations and cloud integration, Windows Server 2019 Datacenter is the perfect choice.

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Features

  1. License for 24 cores: This license is designed to provide efficient performance for systems with up to 24 cores, allowing organizations to handle large and demanding workloads.
  2. High virtualization capacity: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter supports an unlimited number of virtual machines and Hyper-V containers, making it ideal for businesses in need of extensive virtualization capacity.
  3. Advanced security: It comes with integrated security features such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for real-time threat prevention and Shielded Virtual Machines to ensure the security of your virtual machines.
  4. Resilient storage operating system (Storage Spaces Direct): It offers high-performance and high-availability software-defined storage, allowing businesses to reduce costs by using industry-standard hardware.
  5. Software-defined networking: It provides methods for configuring, managing, and monitoring network connections, enabling the creation of virtual networks and subnets for connecting virtual machines and services.
  6. Server quality services: It includes advanced features such as network load balancing, failover clustering, and Hyper-V replica, providing high availability and disaster recovery.
  7. Container integration: It supports Windows and Linux containers, allowing organizations to run applications in lightweight and efficient containers.
  8. Innovation for applications: It offers support for modern applications, including those based on containers and microservices.
  9. Azure integration: Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure File Sync seamlessly integrate, enabling better synchronization with the cloud.
  10. Modern management: It provides modern IT management tools such as PowerShell and Windows Admin Center to efficiently manage your infrastructure.

The Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License is a comprehensive solution that combines performance, security, and scalability, offering organizations a solid platform for their server infrastructure.

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