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Revolution Soft Reviews with ekomi.es

Windows 11 PRO license

Windows 11 came to market recently to blow away the competition, shortly after its launch sales of other operating systems were in decline, and it's no surprise as the new operating system had a lot to offer the number of upgrades over Windows 10 is quite remarkable.

Windows 11 is the latest software developed by Microsoft, officially launched on October 5, 2021, as a free upgrade to Windows 10 and shortly after the official licenses for Windows 11 were released, which is what we are going to talk about in this article, how to get a Windows 11 PRO license.

It is characterised by its simple and uncluttered interface and rounded edges. It brings many updates and improvements to the previous Windows 10, with many of these based on the now cancelled Windows 10X.

From the obvious things like changing the wallpaper and redesigning the Start menu to changes to the Windows Shell and software improvements for better gaming performance, Windows 11 comes intending to deliver an operating system ever closer to perfection.

Without a doubt, Windows 11 came to surprise us and give us an operating system of the highest quality at a very reasonable price, with a great variety of functionalities and extra features that enrich the experience of what it is to have a Microsoft operating system, a privilege of our era.

And speaking of Microsoft, as with all good products from this prestigious company, the various versions of this new operating system are not to be expected. Windows 11 comes with several versions of itself adapted to the different contexts in which its operating system can be used.

Do you need a more professional version of Windows 11 instead of the familiar Windows 11? Then we'll tell you which version you should choose. 

What is Windows 11 PRO?

This is the professional version (hence the name) of Windows 11, optimised especially for working on the PC, whether at home or in the office.

The feature functions of Windows 11 PRO are mainly to be better for work. Things like increased protection from external attacks, special business applications, special settings to make work more comfortable and more compatible with work tools are remarkable for this.

Even if this doesn't convince you, it would be a good idea to compare it with its sibling Windows 11 Home to get a better overview of what Windows 11 PRO has to offer.

What is a Windows 11 PRO Online activation key?

It is the verification of the purchase of Windows 11 PRO so that you can activate the operating system with all its features and options. As long as Windows 11 PRO is not activated, many basic functions such as installing applications are inaccessible.

Here at revolutionsoft.net, we offer you a Windows 11 PRO license for a small price with superior warranties on the market. You can get one right now here at revolutionsoft.net for only 34.90 euros after reading this article.

Comparison between Windows 11 PRO and Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 PRO and Windows 11 Home share several features such as design configurations, applications like Microsoft Teams and touch, pen and voice functions.

However, they also share several differences which are listed below:

Device encryption with BitLocker: this is a feature of Windows 11 PRO that locks the device in case of theft or loss to protect your data.

Windows Information Protection (WIP): this is a tool to help protect business data, especially to prevent data leaks. Only available in Windows 11 PRO

In addition to this, Windows 11 PRO has in contrast to Windows 11 Home:

Assigned Access: it is responsible for running different applications for each user and keeping each user's identity separate and protected.

Dynamic Provisioning: a tool that enables easy and fast installation of Windows 11 PRO and its features.

Enterprise State Roaming with Azure: this is a tool only available to organisations with an Azure AD Premium or Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) licence.

Its function is to be a unifier of all Windows devices in the enterprise and reduce the amount of time spent setting up new devices.

Group Policy: is a general administrator that allows easy access to files and printers, along with user accounts and groups.

Full-screen configuration: supports configuration locally or remotely, manages mobile devices.

Microsoft Store for Business: this is an application that centralises application management to Windows 11 PRO devices.

Mobile Device Management: this is an alternative option to the traditional way of managing a PC, to begin the remote transition to the cloud at your own pace.

Active Directory support: helps staff to easily manage PCs, user accounts, security policies, groups, and easy access to files.

Azure Active Directory support: a feature that allows employees to keep their Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft services together under a single Microsoft account.

Windows Update for the enterprise: this is a useful application with several special benefits, including; it supports the management of updates and their functions, helping in reducing administration costs, enabling efficiency in the delivery of updates and giving access to the latest updates.

Final answers

Windows 11 PRO is an excellent operating system to rely on for your work environment, it offers important features that will undoubtedly help you in your work. For you, your colleagues and your company. Its intelligent and intuitive software is a valuable tool when working on a PC.

So getting a Windows 11 PRO license can be a very good option for you.

In case Windows 11 PRO doesn't suit you, you can always get a Windows 11 Home license here at revolutionsoft.net for only 36.80 euros and enjoy the great services that Microsoft offers through Windows 11 Home.

We also offer you a variety of Microsoft products so that you have no shortage of options when it comes to optimising your PC or your Windows operating system.

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