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MS Visio Professional

Within the business world, there are many constant needs for tools that support the work environment, such as calculation, database, programming, servers, customer support, the interconnection between employees, among other things. Among these needs is the need to create presentations or diagrams, for this comes the MS Visio Professional Category products.

Microsoft offers a quality product, with high competence in the market and a variety of utilities that are necessary for work environments where ideas or projects have to be exemplified through diagrams.

When talking about applications created by Microsoft, it is common to see products with alternate versions that are made for more specific contexts. Microsoft Visio Professional is no exception, it is optimised especially for the business workplace.

Here we will explain everything you need to know about the MS Visio Professional Category products, so you will know all its features.

What is Microsoft Visio Professional?

Microsoft Visio Professional is a vector drawing and diagramming software for creating maps and supporting diagrams. It works through a very complete interface and can build several different diagrams. It is specifically focused on business work areas.

It is made to work with Microsoft Windows. Even the Internet Explorer browser contains a program for viewing Visio files.

Visio was originally a separate company from Microsoft, but Microsoft bought it in 2000 to add it to the professional version of the Office 2000 office suite.

It was also originally created as a technical drawing application in the fields of architecture and engineering. After the Microsoft purchase there was a major paradigm shift within the Visio team, changes would be made to Visio in favour of business optimisation rather than general technical drawing.

Among its changes, the elimination of certain functions such as property lines, which supported the location of radiation points, is notable. The clear change in the nature of the programme was most noticeable in the 2003 version, where it gave many more options for making business diagrams.

Over the years the updates came one after the other and the programme turned out to be quite different from what it was in the beginning, with new words and concepts that often become confusing for those who are not very knowledgeable about the subject.

Among them, the question arises: What is vector drawing? We will answer it below.

Vector drawing

Vector drawings or vector images are a type of digitally created images that use vectors, i.e., images created from mathematical formulas.

Vector drawing in simple terms is comparable to forming a rhombus by putting 4 squares together, as vector drawing is mainly made up of several geometric (or not) objects that can be circles, arcs, hexagons or more complex shapes that are joined together, coupled and overlapped in order to create an image.

This is a far cry from traditional bitmap images, also known as matrix images.

Matrix images are those whose operation is through coloured pixels. They are the most common and are specifically made for use on the screens of today's technological devices, as they are all composed of pixels.

Of all current devices, none are capable of reproducing vectors graphically across the screen, because they are physically composed of pixels. Vector images are therefore forced to become matrix images, a process called rasterization.

Among the most notable differences between vector and matrix images are the loss of quality, realism and usage due to these factors.

In terms of quality loss, matrix images tend to lose their quality the more they are edited in size or shape, as this deforms the initial map of pixels and makes them lose their visual sense. In contrast to vectors, which can be stretched, enlarged, minimised or twisted and never lose their quality.

Among other differences is realism. Vector images are inherently simple, unable to create images with much detail or shape, in contrast to matrix images, which with extensive mapping can create entire frames with a great deal of detail, though always subject to the size of the device's screen.

In terms of usage, vector images are used for simple representations or marketing purposes, as opposed to matrix images, which are often used to be more faithful to reality or to have more quality and detail in the image.

Visio Professional Activation Key

The products in the MS Visio Professional Category are all licensed on a one-time fee basis, which also ensures you extra service time in case of any problems with the program.

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Uses and capabilities

The uses of Visio Professional are manifold, from graphics, diagrams and maps to organisation charts, diagrams, layouts and complex plans.

The capabilities and design options the program gives you will diminish depending on how current the version you choose is. Even so, the older programmes still have a lot of options, and Microsoft Visio is a very complete programme from the beginning, and the versions for professionals are even more so.

Among the capabilities of Visio, we find:


Microsoft Visio Professional comes with several templates for different types of graphics, basic office layouts, project schedules, calendars, timelines, block diagrams, Gantt charts, cause and effect diagrams, basic network diagrams, among many others.

Themes and styles 

Here there are tons of options such as fonts, styles, colour blends and effects with incredible control over how and where they are applied.

So, Does MS Vision Professional necessary?

The products in MS Visio Professional will be an incredible addition to your workspace. They contain so many functions that it won't be difficult to create completely and utterly different layouts, diagrams, schematics, maps and drawings.

It will come in handy whenever you need to change complex ideas into simple diagrams, so you will no longer have to worry about being lost in complex concepts in your work.

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