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Category MS Project Professional

Among the programs that are not included in all versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project stands out above many. When it comes to business management applications, Project is one of the first to come to the table. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about Category MS Project Professional products.

It is common to think that Microsoft's business applications are tedious or difficult to use, however, this is nothing more than a vile lie. Project offers an interface that at first glance may seem complicated but is actually very intuitive and easy to use.

As you would expect from something at the level of a Microsoft application, and even more so a not-so-new one; Project has a lot to offer to the working world and your workspace.In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the products in Category MS Project Professional.

What is Microsoft Project?

Project is a software made for scheduling and project management. Its functions include workload estimation, task analysis and resource allocation, project management, budget management, plan development and progress tracking.

The first version of Project was released in 1984 for the DOS operating system and was produced by a company working under Microsoft funding at the time. Subsequently, in 1985 Microsoft acquired all rights to Project and produced the second version of Project and has continued to do so to this day.

Microsoft did not initially develop Project directly but took it over from a company that worked for them. Eventually, as Microsoft took full control of the programme and saw its great potential, it began to optimise it for Windows devices and other operating systems that were allied to Microsoft.

Over the years, Project has been updated and marketed both on its own and in different office suites offered by Microsoft, especially in enterprise or business versions.

However, Microsoft Project has several versions of itself, especially plans offered by Microsoft, which vary in terms of applications or functions and are tailored to work better for different types of people. 

In other words, Microsoft Project has variations offered by Microsoft to have a wider target audience, removing or adding features, changing prices, adding different plans… Among others. Microsoft manages to be specific from the breadth, it's hard to know if that's a good thing or something insane.

Regardless of what it is, it is important to note that Category MS Project Professional products have many differences from the conventional Microsoft Project. We will explain some of them below.

Differences between Microsoft Project Standard and Microsoft Project Professional

Project Professional is a version of Project specially optimised for professional work and business, its area of action is purely work-related and this leads to a richer interface and many more options when using the application.

In contrast to its standard version, Project Standard. It is more aimed at home use, its area of action is in more familiar and less hectic environments than the demanding world of corporate work.

Microsoft Project Standard and Professional share 3 important points in common:

Both generate a fully updated and installed Project desktop application with everything you need.

When you purchase the licence, both ensure that it is valid for only one device per person. You will be able to manage project costs and schedules.

Both guarantee the management of reports and tasks, as well as business intelligence.  

Now, entering into the unique features of Project Professional, we have:

Microsoft Project allows you to manage your resources more efficiently.

It allows you to synchronise with Project Online and Project Server, so you can work more dynamically with these applications.

You will be able to send timesheets, with which you will be able to register the time invested. This way you can better manage the time involved in projects, payroll tasks, invoices and other business requirements.

It gives you the option of uploading the Project file to the cloud so that more than one user can access it so that several workers can edit the same file at the same time.

Licensing Project Professional

Project Professional works through licences, that is to say, that you can download the programme and have it installed on your PC and you will still need a licence to use it because without a licence it will be deactivated.

The licenses are insurance that you bought a product, also known as keys, these are nothing more than a code that Microsoft gives you when you buy the product, code which you must then enter the application and thus be able to use it fully.

An unactivated program will not have most of its options blocked, so the best option is to buy a licence for Project Professional in case you need to use it.

Here at, we offer MS Project Professional Category product licenses at the best prices - don't miss out! 

Why choose Project Professional?

This question can be a personal one, however, it is important to question your position on a program that offers you several versions of itself depending on the customer.

Project Professional, as the name says, is specially made for work environments. All of its functions and features are designed especially and only for employees of companies and freelancers who require a programme with which they can manage themselves efficiently.

Within the various work contexts in which Project Professional has many options and can help you take the next step in quality and work management, we find that there is also a standard version that is simpler and whose functionalities are more adapted to a home environment.

The standard version is rather adapted to more familiar and home-like conditions, so many of its functionalities were diminished.

There are also special plans offered by Microsoft on its official website, which offer interesting offers and even include subscription payments instead of licence fees, which are typical of Microsoft Project Professional.

Going even further, there is Project Server. Project Server is a server software, which works mainly as a server for the Project applications themselves, supporting them and making them faster. Its clothing also has other server optimisations made to cover any bugs that any version of Microsoft Project may have.

Which one you need depends very much on what you need, it's a completely personal decision.

MS Project Professional, the master key of business

Microsoft Project Professional is undoubtedly one of the best products on the market to manage your business effectively. It has a lot of extremely useful functions that you will surely need in your workspace.

So what are you waiting for to purchase a license? Here at, you will find it at the best prices. We also offer a variety of other high-quality products that you will surely love, so don't hesitate to browse through our online shop!