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Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus Multilanguage Key License for Windows 10/11.

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OFFICE 2021 PRO PLUS License

Microsoft Office is the office suite par excellence and Office 2021 is the latest version of it. Released in October 2021, it is a suite of office applications for Windows and Mac computers.

Microsoft is a leader in PC applications and among so many quality products, Microsoft Office is one of the best and most complete on the market.

Microsoft Office 2021 Pro plus brought many interesting new features within its applications and features impossible to ignore as they update, improve and make the product more efficient and this supports the optimisation of work through the PC.

And as expected, Office brings with it alternate versions with special features whose purpose is to further optimise work, this time by specialising in specific clients.

One of these is Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus, a version of Office 2021 specialising in single-payer professional work, a very good alternative if you want to avoid a Microsoft 365 subscription service.

What is OFFICE 2021 PRO PLUS?

It is an enhanced version of Office 2021. Optimised for professional work and with extra features to boost your work even more. Microsoft Office 2021 TLSC Professional Plus offers a specialised suite to give you everything you need with the best applications for this on the market, which is to be expected from Microsoft.

It works in the same way as its previous versions, through a licence that activates the product. A product that is not activated will have almost all its features reduced or blocked, so the idea is to buy one.

Here we also explain what a licence is, in case you have any questions about it.

Among its peculiarities is that it is a single-payer office suite in contrast to Microsoft 365's subscription-based payments, which for many can be problematic.

It is also that it is a separate suite from Microsoft 365, with a different target audience and other intentions, including continuing the good tradition of the Microsoft Office line and updating it independently of Microsoft 365.

It is noteworthy that it is a separate TLSC version of the initial Office plans, as LTSC versions of Office are a fairly recent development. Here we explain what an LTSC is and why it is different from traditional Microsoft Office.

What is a licence?

It is the proof of purchase of the product in question. With it, you activate the program and thus get all its features to work properly.

As such, the licence is a code that you enter into the programme when you start it. It is necessary if you want to use Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus. Here at, we offer you an OFFICE 2021 PRO PLUS License for the low price of 70,16 euros.

So with the OFFICE 2021 PRO PLUS License, you can use Office LTSC 2021 Professional Plus without any problems.

LTSC: What does it mean?

Long Term Service Channel. It refers to a feature of this Office, which is that it offers a digital service guarantee in case of problems with the program for at least 5 years, so it is a great option.

Technical support can be useful in case one or more applications fail, it is never too much to be safe in case of any inconvenience.

Included applications

Microsoft Office LTSC 2021 Professional Plus includes several applications. Being an office suite, these are all made for professional work, whether at home or work. These are:

Microsoft Word 2021

One of the applications included in the first Microsoft Office. It is the word processor par excellence and its utilities are too many to name. Word is a milestone in word processing.

Microsoft Excel 2021

Another of the applications included in the first Microsoft Office. The spreadsheet is par excellence, as well as having many other functions such as a programming language for macro applications called Visual Basic, calculation tables and graphics. It is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of doing maths.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2021

Another of the applications included in the first Microsoft Office. The presentation programme par excellence. It has many functions that, if used well, are capable of making unique presentations.

It is designed to make presentations in slides, with outline text, predesigned images or images imported from the device and text animations. Each presentation can have different types of templates, default or user-created drawings and a variety of font designs.

It is the first programme that comes to mind when it comes to making a presentation or an exhibition, it is a transcendental programme whose versatility and easy interface give honour to its title.

Microsoft Outlook 2021

Formerly known as Hotmail, it is the email par excellence. Outlook is an email service that has a variant with its web page, however, it is important to note that there are two services that are more different than they seem.

Outlook's internet service is completely free, where you only have to login and register to use it. In contrast to Microsoft Outlook, which is a separate Outlook desktop application with more functions and a more professional interface. The version included in this office suite is Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Publisher 2021

This is a desktop publishing application. It is often pigeonholed as a simple and easy-to-understand programme for novice copywriters. It bears some resemblance to Word, however, it is more geared towards simple page layout. 

The programme includes a variety of templates, including default and downloadable ones. The downloadable ones can be found on their website.

Microsoft Access 2021

This application was also included in the first version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 95. It is a database management system, based on relational database concepts. It can relate large amounts of data and give assertive results in this respect.

Its interface is connected to applications such as Excel or Microsoft Sharepoint, from which it takes data. Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus is undoubtedly an extremely useful desktop application package that you probably need.

From its enhancements to the already good Microsoft Office content, it is an excellent choice in case you need useful work tools that are not too presumptuous or difficult to use. So what are you waiting for? Get an OFFICE 2021 PRO PLUS license here at for only ¤84.90 and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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