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Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Multilanguage Key License for Windows 10/11.

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✔️Valid license to pass Audits.

✔️FPP license: you can activate it on a single PC but it can be transferred to another computer.

✔️Lifetime license, never expires, nor is it deactivated.

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MS Office 2019 Pro Plus Key

When it comes to office work, we often think of cumbersome applications, insufferably long texts, complicated mathematical calculations and other things. But most of the time this is not the case, or at least not if you know which applications to use. In Windows 10/11 we have several options to work on a computer.

Microsoft has been offering the Microsoft Office suite for more than 20 years, which due to the high quality of its applications and their operation has earned the unconditional appreciation and appreciation of many.

Microsoft is a leading company in the digital market, with incredible feats within this particular world. Microsoft is nothing less than one of the best companies today when it comes to digitally, and not knowing at least one Microsoft product living in today's society sounds completely impossible.

When we talk about quality applications, we talk about Microsoft, and if we talk about the best office suite on the market today; we talk about Microsoft Office.

Over the years they have been updating and improving all their applications and even adding new ones to make the user's work as easy as possible.

Between previous versions, new releases and future releases, we present you MS OFFICE 2019 Pro Plus; one of the best releases by Microsoft to the world and several extremely useful applications that you will surely recognise due to their great influence in the world of digital work.

We'll also explain Microsoft Office licensing and how it works so that you can't miss out on this invaluable product.

What is Office 2019?

It is Microsoft's office suite announced on 6 September 2017 at Microsoft Ignite and released on 24 September 2018.

It is a package of desktop applications for digital work that includes well-known titles such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. How many and which applications are included in the package depends on the plan purchased through a special licence for Office 2019.

It came to the market as an update of Microsoft Office 2016, which is its previous version, to improve it and fix small errors that that suite presented.

Its main attraction comes from the applications it has, the more than famous Microsoft applications for Office are recognised worldwide for their usefulness and efficiency when it comes to doing their corresponding work.

Office 2019 has all the features of Microsoft 365 plus some specific improvements for this. Unlike its previous versions, it will not have 10 years of support but will have 5 years of standard support and only 2 years of extended support.

In addition, Office 2019 brings with it a variety of specific plans aimed at different target audiences, so that those who do not need more than basic applications to work will not have to worry about having 5 extra applications that will never use and cover space on your device.

Now it's time to talk about MS Office2019pro and all it has to offer.

This is a version of Microsoft Office 2019 that specialises in professional work across digital devices. It contains its own special features and includes applications that make it optimal when it comes to working and improving your productivity with this office suite.

It has 7 interoperable applications (i.e., they are compatible with each other) specialised in common digital work utilities and with many more functions than it might seem at first glance.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, however, it is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, so you will need the latest operating systems such as Windows 10/11 if you want to use MS Office Pro Plus.

Included applications

Among the applications included in the MS Office Pro Plus package are classics such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as other applications that you may not be familiar with, but are nevertheless useful.

Microsoft Word 2019

The classic of classics and the word processor par excellence. A word-processing application with a variety of layout and bullet point options, it is the most complete word processor in existence and also one of the most popular in the world, comparable only to Google Docs.

Microsoft Excel 2019

The spreadsheet par excellence and the industry standard when it comes to spreadsheets. It also has other functions such as graphics, calculation tables and a macro programming language called Visual Basic, made for applications.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The presentation programme par excellence, one of the most widespread presentation programmes, widely used from learning areas to business. It is an application whose function is to make presentations through diagrams, text animations, images and slides.

Microsoft OneNote 2019

It is an application for taking notes, which can be drawings, diagrams, images, audio and video.

Microsoft Outlook 2019

This is an email management application. It allows you to read, write and send emails, as well as have contacts, calendars and more than one mailbox. It is important to clarify that it should not be confused with Outlook, a free version of Microsoft Outlook with fewer functions, its own web page and free.

Microsoft Publisher 2019

It is a layout and word-processing programme, but it has notable differences with Word, as Publisher is more focused on text design.

Microsoft Access 2019

This is an application that provides a database management system that uses the concept of relational databases in its code and is adapted to these. Part of its function is to collect data from other Office applications such as Excel or Sharepoint.

What is a licence?

Among the features of MS Office 2019 Pro Plus, we find that its purchase is under license and not under subscription like Microsoft 365, so it is a one-time payment.

A licence is proof of purchase of the product in question. As such, it is a code that you enter into the program when you start it for the first time to activate it. An unactivated Microsoft Office suite will have almost all of its features diminished or blocked, so it is ideal to purchase a licence to activate it.

Here at, we offer MS Office 2019 Pro Plus licenses for a very reasonable price; only 79.00 euros. By purchasing it, you will be able to enjoy all of its features without any problems whatsoever.

MS Office 2019 Pro Plus is undoubtedly a star plan when it comes to Microsoft Office versions. It has great advantages for digital work and is a very valuable tool that you can't miss out on. Here at, we offer many more high-quality computer products that you may need, feel free to browse through all our content to find the best products!

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