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Key License of Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit or 32-bit Pro Plus Multilanguage for Windows 32/64 Bits We will send you an activation key and the download link to the email address you provided Serial lifetime Do not expire.



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1. Purchase the key license.


2. Receive the key license and download link by email.


3. Download the software from the manufacturer’s website.


4. Activate the software with the key license.

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Once that your Office 2016 license is purchased, for activate and download Office 2016 PRO PLUS must be done from this URL:, you will only have to follow the steps to validate and download Office. You will see a screen like the following: As you see to activate your Office 2016 64-bit or 32-bit license only you will have to follow the steps: Log in with your Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.) Write the product key that we are going to send to the email Download and install Office 2016 PRO PLUS It is important that before installing Office 2016 PRO, uninstall any version that you have installed on your PC. You can reuse the activation key after formatting the PC and reinstalling a new Windows. The benefits of buying an Office 2016 Pro Plus license are many, mainly the fact of having the legal software, which will not have any kind of issues with the licenses and also the ability to get a clean copy of this suite, and for this way not having to deal with pirated copies. Without Viruses or Surprises I do not know if you knew, but the Office 2016pirated copies, whatever the version, are copies of doubtful origin that could undergo modifications since it is very easy to alter an ISO image or worse even if the files are dropped separately. This means that pasting a virus is very simple for any average "hacker". The methods of cracking or activating the copies that are normally used to activate the Office 2016 pirates, usually require the installation of strange programs that requires privileges of system administration. Basically, it is like opening the door of your house to a thief and invites him to spend cordially. That is to expose your data, your security and it doesn´t make sense, with how cheap a legal license of Office 2016 comes out. Without Limitations The best thing about getting an Office 2016 legal license is that you will not have any limitations since you will get the full version of the suite and be legal, you can enjoy all its functions, including those that depend on a connection to the Microsoft servers to run. Besides not having any limitations, you can enjoy the new novelty of Office 2016, such as the collaboration options in real time, something long awaited by users for a long time, since other suites like Google Docs already had this function. Guaranteed Updates By purchasing one of these Office 2016 PRO licenses you ensure regular updates until Microsoft supports the product, which means, you'll always get the enhancements, security patches and other additional options that Microsoft gives to users who have a legal license. Is generally neglected the possibility of updating, but this attitude doesn´t make sense because in general the updates are modifiers or additions that are made to improve the functionality of the software, so it is a great advantage to have access to update. The fastest Office Office 2016 has improved a lot since the previous versions, especially the 2013 version, which had some stability problems and was very heavy on the market for any system at that time. Although this was corrected with the updates, in Office 2016 this problem is worked out and now works much faster. Alternative to Prezi Another advantage of buying Office 2016, has to do with the inclusion of Sway, which is Microsoft's bid to compete against Prezi. Prezi was a success at the time, but it has a detail and is that to use it offline you have to pay for a subscription, which the free version depended on the internet, something that made many users do not finish accepting. Sway is presented with a more dynamic way of making presentations, leaving aside the traditional form of making presentations with PowerPoint, where you had to work in a linear way, which allows Sway to do what PowerPoint but in a more direct and fun way. Features of Office Professional Plus 2016 Office Professional Plus 2016 (A.K.A. Office 2016), is the best office suite created so far, the interface as well as many functions change a lot and improve with respect to its successor office 2013. With Office Professional 2016 you can present, create and publish documents with a very professional looking and in a very short time without a knowledge of design or layout, a new more intuitive aspect, modern and easy to use than its predecessors or competition makes it possible to do many tasks that a few years ago were unthinkable without hiring a professional, also now you can save all documents in OneDrive and open them from any device. Its new visual theme called Colorful helps to integrate the Office 2016 interface with the Windows 10. It can work collaboratively on documents. Your search engine called Tell Me will make it easier for you to do daily tasks. Now working with a new email protocol, going from RPC to MAPI-HTTP. Excel and Power Point are now easier to handle. New tables and charts, more moderns. You can now attach files to OneDrive from Outlook. Available in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (although the version of this product is only valid for Windows 10). Full compatibility with Windows 10 PRO Memo pads to share. Real-time writing Attachments (drag and drop). Auto-correct errors in email It is now enhanced version history. Increased number of graphics. Greater flexibility to import/export data in Excel Technical Data Multilanguage l English | Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 | Project & Visio not included 32-bit & 64-bit Minimal requests Office 2016 PRO Plus CPU x86 at 1 GHz with SSE2 instructions 2 GB of RAM 3 GB of HDD Display resolution of 1280 x 800. Graphics compatible with DirectX 10 Windows 7 SP 1 or superior Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 35, Chrome 40, Internet Explorer 9 or superior. NET 3.5 as a minimum.

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