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SQL Server

Sometimes a growing company needs a useful server to be able to manage large databases within its system, however, it is often difficult to find a suitable one or it is difficult to understand how it works. Here, like a hero surfing the wide areas of the web, come the products in the Category Microsoft SQL Server.

Among Microsoft's most prominent products, we find Microsoft SQL Server, whose specific utilities are very useful for medium-sized or large companies with important server needs to manage themselves.

When we talk about Microsoft SQL Server, we are talking about a standard quality program within database servers.

Here we will teach you everything you need to know about the Category Microsoft SQL Server so that you can choose the best one for you and your company.

What is Microsoft SQL Server?

It is a relational database management system. It is the market leader in database technology, along with IBM's DB2 and Oracle Corporation's Oracle Database. 

Microsoft SQL Server is a server whose operation is based on a relational data system, i.e. it is capable of forming links between files by itself and eliminating redundancies if necessary.

 It uses a programming language called Transact-SQL (or TSQL) that works for the ASI standard of the SQL language. Among its functions are the manipulation and collection of data (DML) and the creation of tables and the definition of relationships between them (DLL).

In case these concepts confuse you, we will explain them here.

What is a relational database system?

 It is a type of database that performs its functions according to the relational model. A common system for maintaining relational databases is a Relational Database Management System or also known as RDBMS.

The relational model is the model that is responsible for the management and modelling of relational databases. It is a data model that is governed according to predicate logic and set theory. 

It is based on the use of data relations. Each relation is a set of data called tuples, which are nothing more than relations created by the system under the same field. It is like talking about a sheet-text-subtext relationship. The sheet would be the related elements, the text the field and the tuple is the subtext.

What does SQL mean?

Structured Query Language. It is a domain-specific language designed to retrieve and manage information from relational database management systems.

It is mainly characterised by its use of relational calculus and algebra for its queries to easily retrieve information from databases and make changes to them.

Originally based on relational calculus and relational algebra, SQL is a data definition language, a data control language and a data manipulation language. Some of SQL's functions include queries, updates, data insertions, deletions, schema creation and modification, data access control and procedural elements.

Today, all relational database systems use SQL to maintain and query the database.


It is a standardised computer language, an extension of Sybase and Microsoft's SQL. Its function is to expand the SQL standard to include local variables, data processing, mathematics, and various functions supporting string processing and procedural programming.

It is a very powerful language that allows you to define a variety of tasks that you want to link to the database.

What is a server?

It is defined as a set of computers capable of providing corresponding attention to a client's requests. It is mainly dedicated to sending matching responses to the requests of the clients in question, in other words, it processes the needs of other programmes and makes sure that they are fulfilled correctly.

It is important to note that when we talk about digital servers, the terms "request" and "client" are different from everyday usage. By client we refer primarily to a program or application that requires a particular service or permission, the request would be the message that is sent to the server.

“Computer” is also a term whose everyday meaning differs from that used in this field. By computer, we mean a set of pre-programmed circuits that perform calculations and computational operations to accomplish one or more tasks.

That is to say that in this case, a computer could be some special integrated part of the device itself, and even a programme or application that is capable of performing competent computational operations and thus support the system or function as a server separate from the rest of the machinery operating on a PC or device.

What is the utility of Microsoft SQL Server?

Its primary use is within businesses that require the management of large amounts of data frequently. For example, a customer service company that receives 700 calls a day and needs to store or record call data.

Sometimes growing companies require a good database and a system or server to support it, the products in the Category Microsoft SQL Server offer all this and more.

It is also useful in the field of programming when you need a good language to program various actions and an extensive database to work with, as well as an intuitive and efficient system to perform related tasks without becoming a heavy or tedious activity.

It is a very useful and friendly system for beginners, it does not require too much knowledge in computing or programming to operate it.

So, do I need to have Microsoft SQL Server?

The products in the Category Microsoft SQL Server are undoubtedly wonderful additions that you can make to your work area or your company in case you need a quality relational database management program without major costs.

So what are you waiting for to acquire some of these magnificent products? Here at, you can find them at affordable prices that won't be too hard on your wallet.

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