Malwarebytes Premium - 1 device - Lifetime

  • Advanced antivirus in real time
  • Protection from malicious websites
  • Phishing Protection
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection against brute force and uninstall attacks.

Lifetime License Malwarebytes.

The most advanced protection of 2023.

Valid for 1 device. It can only be used on Windows.



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1. Purchase the key license.


2. Receive the key license and download link by email.


3. Download the software from the manufacturer’s website.


4. Activate the software with the key license.

Revolution Soft Reviews with

If what you desire is to get the maximum protection for your small business, Malwarebytes is your best option. With high-power cleaning and protection, it also has ease of use.

Malwarebytes is the solution for small businesses, as it protects your devices that contain your data from cybercrime. In addition, it stops infections, including ransomware, in their tracks.

Malwarebytes Premium 2023

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a computer security program that is used to protect your computer or device from malware, which includes viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other types of malicious software. Some of the main uses of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are:

  1. Scan and removal of malware: The program scans your system for potential threats and removes any detected malware.
  2. Real-time protection: Malwarebytes offers real-time protection, meaning it constantly monitors your device for suspicious or malicious activities and blocks or removes malware before it can cause harm.
  3. Quarantine and restoration: If any suspicious file is detected, Malwarebytes will move it to a safe quarantine zone. From there, you can decide whether you want to permanently delete the file or restore it if you believe it is a false positive.
  4. Automatic updates: Malwarebytes' threat database is constantly updated to stay on top of the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
  5. Scheduling of scans: You can schedule automatic scans at specific time intervals to ensure continuous protection.

Compatibility with other antivirus programs: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can work in conjunction with other antivirus programs to provide an additional layer of protection and ensure that your system is as protected as possible.

Price of Malwarebytes Premium License in 2023

Now for only 34.90 €, you can have a Malwarebytes premium license, always the latest updated version, lifetime license.

Download Malwarebytes

You can download malwarebytes antimalware premium from the official Malwarebytes website ->

Then you activate it with the License ID and the malwarebytes license key that we will send to your email once the purchase is made.

What is adware?

Adware is what advertising software is called, which is unwanted software designed with the goal of displaying ads on your computer screen, usually, in a browser. Some security professionals consider it a precursor to PUGs.

Adware provides benefits to the programmer who uses it, by automatically displaying ads on the pop-up screen and this arises during the installation process or can also come out in the user interface.

It is from there that all kinds of ads begin to appear, tabs open, the homepage changes, it redirects to a NSFW web page and even results from an unknown search engine are obtained.

There is online advertising that is totally legitimate and that is used by software applications, these ads, usually, are linked to the program and appear in a way configured by the programmer.

This unwanted program could end up on your computer in some way, and if that happens, it could make you perform various unwanted tasks. Although adware can be annoying, it does not pose a dangerous malware threat. Some signs that this program is on your system are:

✔ That your browser crashes.

✔ That new extensions, plugins or toolbars suddenly appear in your browser.

✔ That the links redirect you to wrong websites.

✔ That your web browser is too slow.

✔ That some of the websites you regularly visit are not displayed correctly.

✔ That your browser's homepage suddenly changes without permission.

✔ That ads appear where they shouldn't.

How does adware infect my PC?

There are two ways for unwanted adware to install on your system. The first is by downloading a program, whether shareware or freeware, that installs the adware discreetly and without permission. And this happens by mutual agreement between the adware provider and the program creator.

The second is when browsing any website, your computer can get infected with adware since it takes advantage of some weakness of the user's browser and starts an involuntary download.

Once your computer is infected by this unwanted program, it starts to collect your data, display many more ads in your browser, and redirect to malicious pages.

For technical service workshops

Tech Bench Program

This is a very comprehensive technology purchase program and its purpose is to boost the computer repair business. If you join Tech bench you will have access to an incredible set of tools.

Tech Bench can help you improve margins to grow your business. Making a business profitable can be tricky, as the industry is constantly evolving. However, this program offers you the necessary resources for your store to succeed.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner has a new technology and it was specifically developed to find and remove unwanted agents. This has proven to be the safest option for both individual users and technicians.

This program also takes care of scanning your computer in a matter of seconds. It does not require much memory or processor power when downloading it.

Malwarebytes Chameleon and Anti-Rootkit

The technology used in Malwarebytes Chameleon allows you to keep Malwarebytes for Windows installed and actively running even if there is a blockage from malicious programs.

On the other hand, we have the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA program, this is a cutting-edge technology that serves to detect and eliminate malicious rootkits that tend to be more aggressive than others.

For home users

Malwarebytes for Windows

One of the advantages that this program offers you is the quick cleaning it has, and it not only takes care of looking for threats such as viruses or malware, it is also capable of finding unwanted programs that slow down your computer.

The protection it provides is in real time and works based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing you to keep your computer safe from possible online threats, even those emerging threats that are never noticed.

Its web protection immediately blocks online scams, malicious links, and infected sites. It also takes care of blocking phishing scams, which are those that use fake sites to get your personal information.

Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes' efficient technology gets rid of the growing threat of malware designed for Mac. With this technology, your team will be protected while continuing its functions without any inconvenience.

It can detect and remove ransomware, viruses, and various types of malware, as it has advanced anti-malware technology. It detects dangerous threats in real time and automatically. It can also destroy adware and potential unwanted programs that slow down your team.

Allowing you to continue enjoying the entire Mac experience without any program intervening negatively. Its size is very light equivalent to three music files, which leaves much more space on the disk for other elements of equal or greater relevance.

This program stops and blocks those applications with developers who are known for publishing unwanted software, such as adware, PUP, or malware. AppBlock tricks developers who try to bypass security.

The analysis of a standard Mac can last less than 30 seconds. If you want, you can perform the malware scanner in the background. It also has the option to customize scans to run even if the Mac is not in use, at any time and day.

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